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Triad ClearDay 360 

Triad ClearDay 360 Is a service-based disinfectant coating installation company. Using the highest quality electrostatic sprayers we install a Patented Nanotecnogly disinfectant coating that unlike anything else in the market leaves a layer of protection that has testing that lasts a minimum of 30 days but has proven to last longer. Our patented disinfectant is not only EPA/FDA backed but it certified natural and organic which means there is not a surface you can install this product on. From the human skin to your typical touchpoint we can protect it.  Any hard surfaces we guarantee for 30 days and human skin we guarantee up to 8 hours, Why 8 hours? Because after 8 Hours your skin cells start to grow new cells. 

ClearDay Spray Bullet 

Retail And Home Owner Friendly Spray Bottles 

8 Hour Hand Sanitizer 

Pocket-Sized 8 Hour Hand Protection 

Disinfectant Coating

30 Day EPA Backed Disinfectant Coating

 Mister Clear Day 

Walk Through This Before Entering Into A Site And Protect Those Around You For The Remainder Of Your Work Day

8 Hour Hand Station 

Want 8 Hours Of Hand Protection 

Laundry Additive 

1oz Of This Per Load Last 75 Washes Of Antimicrobial Properties 

What our customers are saying

This Is Going To Be The Changing Factor For Me Bringing My Staff Back To Work And Being Able To Continue Producing Our Products And Filling Our Orders!!!

Simply Soupreme Founder/ Owner Jackie Greene 

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